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We've moved FORUMS. Also, do remember that the MOD is dead but we're working on the REAL GAME NOW.
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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon May 17, 2010 11:15 am

Major Rules:

1) No racism is tolerated
Absolutely no RACISM AROUND.

2) No Porn is tolerated
This is a project forum, not an adult dating, porn or explicit website

3) No Snuff is tolerated
No showing pictures or videos of real people getting killed FOR REAL. What's the BENEFIT OF IT?

4) Use common sense

5) Introduction
Before members start to post. They must post in Introduction to assure us that you know how to use a forum.

CS2D is a game, not to be taken personally.

In addition to the rules:
- Try to use proper grammar and spelling while posting. Emoticons must not be overdone. EVER.
- Don't double post, triple post, etc.
- Don't have multiple accounts.
- Don't dig up dead threads unless you've got something very important to share. Most of the time you will not have anything new to the topic anyway. If a thread is off the front page, there's no excuse for bringing it back. Check the dates on the last post made, if it's older than 2 weeks, leave it.


These are the 6 rules. Follow them and you may have an easy life here. Disobey and it's the opposite.
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Forum Rules
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