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 Basic Tactics and Functionality of your SMOD:2D Classes

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Basic Tactics and Functionality of your SMOD:2D Classes Empty
PostSubject: Basic Tactics and Functionality of your SMOD:2D Classes   Basic Tactics and Functionality of your SMOD:2D Classes Icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 12:00 am

Hello once again, reader.

Perhaps you've already played SMOD:2D and are reading this to get better. Well, worry no more since the first lesson is very easy but isn't quite obvious to most people. One man army, my ass...

SMOD:2D Gameplay isn't the same as CS:2D.

Players who're able to grasp this concept can evaluate their advantages and disadvantages. The reason be damned because a lot of people are still used to the old CS:2D Gameplay and think that SMOD:2D gameplay may be somewhat similar to Construction. No, that's a lie. In fact, SMOD:2D has nothing to do with WRENCHES AT ALL.

We did think of including a wrench for the support class but that idea was scrapped since of the possibility of server admins changing the settings of allowable buildings of 1 turret to OVER 9000 OF THEM BUILDABLE AND LAG SHITTING THE SERVER.

-----------------USE OF CLEAR COMMUNICATION-----------------

A lot of people might think that they can rely on their instincts and their rush tactics to win a game. That is wrong in SMOD:2D. Use of teamchat(ENTER key) and voicechat mediums(XFire for example)can help you coordinate with your team and have much better chances to win than without them.

Since SMOD:2D promotes and incorporates Friendly Fire, it is essential to keep a track of your team and their positions so you'll know where to keep your gunfire away from. If you won't win, then we assure you that you would've had less Friendly Fire accidents than the other team(if used properly).

-----------------COMBAT ROLES AND HOW THEY FIGHT-----------------

Not every class' strongest point is offensive rushing. Some people always mistake the AWP and or other weapons of its kind as an assault weapon. Thereby, they reveal themselves to the enemy in a head on battle and the other guy with the M4 or AK might just stick it up his/her ass. Don't ever do objectives far outside the strength of your class.

Here are the following combat roles and how they fare.

You can't do anything special, but you can buy every weapon available and you have access to the powerful rifles which might give you the upper hand when fighting other classes with their weaker and or slower weapons. Always take the point and always clear rooms and areas before advancing, blast the enemy with your powerful rifles and ask for support from the subordinate classes. Always. Also remember to blast grouped enemies with your noob tubes, yes, NOOB TUBES. Don't drop it or you'll lose it forever.

Your main job is to annoy the enemy. This class requires the use of cunning as he has access to the slow but powerful snipers(and an MP5) and a stack of non-replenishable mines(but they can be scavenged). The class can also create a similar bush to the environment by pressing "L" and hide. Use hit and run tactics, protect your team's flank while the rest of them are moving forward. Don't engage in direct combat and make good use of your mines by planting them to protect flags, flanks or entrances. Always best to approach from another angle against the enemy while your team approaches from another.

Your job is to heal comrades who are damaged and relieve them from the "dying" mode. It's best to always stay by your teammate's "conquered" areas and spam bandages, medikits and armor in a safe location with the J and K button. That way, you can create a refueling hub. Remember to guard that hub with everything you've got as SMGs and shotguns are your only weapons. In this case, spam them inside a secure building while protecting it with a shotgun. You might be picked off with grenades though so you're sometimes tempted to use your "med" objects for yourself. Resist it until the enemy actually breaks through in which case, you'll be forced to use it.

You're the only one providing your team's warmachine with ammo. So it's best to actually stay close to the offensive and people who need it. Like the Medic, the support's ability options are "J" and "K". You also have a powerful weapon when scoped. Treat it like a machine gun, but definitely don't treat it like an assault rifle. Fire from a secured position and slowly move your gun in an arc to cut down opposing troops through a large field or small corridor. Doing this successfully will either rip the enemy apart or force them to keep their heads down. They're super effective creating suppressing fire and flanking fire. They can also fire 2 HE grenades if they throw one of them and "drop" another batch. Watch out if a sniper is called in to take you out with one shot. If he misses, quickly stop and fire from a new position.

-----------------DEFINING YOUR LINES-----------------

With the implementation of Friendly Fire and Fog of War, deploying a "scattered" team will render confusion and teamkills abundant. For a proper offensive, you must all learn to direct your fire on the enemy while your points of insertion aren't directed at your teammates. DIRECT PINCER MOVEMENTS are a big no as the enemy will simply go sideways while you and your men who came from behind are cut down by your own team's fire.

This isn't devolving military tactics to the times of the Great British Empire where lines of men are deployed to maximize their efficiency, but a safeguard against Friendly fire. Let's face it, why else didn't the Allies meet up with the Soviets during the final Battle of Berlin during World War 2? Because both knew that 2 opposing friendly armies approaching at the same time increases the possibility that stray bullets and or shells not hitting the enemy, will hit their friends instead.


Thank you, and I've hoped you've learned not to be the noob or douchebag in your team.
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Basic Tactics and Functionality of your SMOD:2D Classes
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