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 [GUIDE]How to Post a Suggestion

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[GUIDE]How to Post a Suggestion Empty
PostSubject: [GUIDE]How to Post a Suggestion   [GUIDE]How to Post a Suggestion Icon_minitimeMon May 17, 2010 10:04 pm

Hello reader,

We here at [?] Studios know that deep in your brain lies an idea so original, that it hasn't ever been said before 1000 times. Unfortunately, that's not true. People keep repeating the same shit over and over again, what's worse... Half of them will not and cannot spell for shit.

So, I posted a guide on how you can make your suggestion catch our attention. Read slowly and carefully if you actually have an idea which you think may be plausible for SMOD:2D.


1) Use of Grammar.
Remember to post in something which does not hurt our eyes and or something that can actually be read. Do not try too hard though. Keep it simple but informative, we want the exact idea, not the abstract taken from the countless adjectives you've used. If you know you can't type well but have the sense to read this and understand, get a friend to help you.

2) Your Idea.
You have to think it out not once, not twice, not even thrice... BUT A THOROUGH X NUMBER ABOVE 5 TIMES to perfect it and make it quality submission to us. Don't be narrow-minded, think of the whole here. Will it affect balance? Will it affect teamwork? Will it be fun for players to do?

Remember to also think out a system for it and send it to us, one which you'll have to explain step by step so we won't come up with something different in the end.

3) Reaction to rejection
Don't get angry, sad or crazy just because we rejected your idea, just rethink of it again or come up with something new. You're probably not the first to be rejected anyway. When it gets rejected, you may debate it out with the Project Committee, but make sure the debate is legit and non-hostile. Don't ever repeat the same points again and again though, for it will just bring us closer to locking the thread.


Remember, your suggestions matter to us... Unless they really just suck... tongue
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[GUIDE]How to Post a Suggestion
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