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 SS01# Thumper series.

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PostSubject: SS01# Thumper series.   Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:00 pm


Yo, yo, yo yo... YO... SUP!? I heard from da' hood that you guys be playin' some good SMOD2D. Why don't we... Spice things up a bit with Scarecrow and Spyware's Thumper SFX series for your RPGlaunchers... OR... GRENADE LAUNCHERS...

Simply download dis ere' file

And rename the one you like to "rocket" and send that bitch over to your sfx/weapon soundfiles, ya hear..? Alright, peace, niggers.

Be sure to have a backup of your original file, beotches cause... You might not lick it all. XD
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SS01# Thumper series.
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