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PostSubject: SMOD:2D PUBLIC BETA 1.4   Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:14 pm


Changelog wrote:

### Version 1.4 - July 4, 2010

[FIXED] Reading error with serverinfo.txt
[FIXED] Various grammar and spelling errors
[FIXED] "Nuke Box" on maha.
[FIXED] Radio Rewritten by DB, fixed by Flacko (Thanks.)
[FIXED] All classes can now pick up the bomb
[CHANGED] s-mod.lua is now encoded to prevent theft
[CHANGED] Improved M203 Sprites
[CHANGED] Misc. Weapon balancing
[CHANGED] All the SMGs deal more damage
[CHANGED] Slighty buffed the shotguns
[CHANGED] The FAMAS and Galil are significantly stronger
[CHANGED] The M203 (RPG) has been nerfed
[CHANGED] Mines have been nerfed
[CHANGED] The 'Hold this Position' radio message has been changed
[CHANGED] Launcher.exe and folder icon
[CHANGED] Lowered killstreak requirments
[CHANGED] Credits have been updated
[CHANGED] "Aids" is now Blood loss
[CHANGED] Max squad members is now 5
[CHANGED] Syntax error messages removed
[CHANGED] Re-wrote all menus
[CHANGED] Friendly fire is permanently on
[CHANGED] Infinite ammo is permanently off
[CHANGED] Max players per server decreased to 30
[CHANGED] New C4 and Explosion sounds
[CHANGED] Changed the conquest mode maps text files
[CHANGED] Changed the Splash menu image
[CHANGED] Spectating is team only by default
[CHANGED] The default player limit is now 24
[CHANGED] The pointer
[CHANGED] The FAMAS and Galil are now the default Assault weapons
[CHANGED] Compressed some sounds
[CHANGED] Improved some killicons
[CHANGED] Changed the Conquest maps in accordance to the new conquest mode
[CHANGED] Defender mode start messages
[CHANGED] Improved team crates on defender mode
[ADDED] Many new bot names. ex: Pvt. Torres
[ADDED] Advanced squad menu listed with squad members and information such as health
[ADDED] Squad Leader System
[ADDED] Squad Kicking for leader
[ADDED] Better Squad radio
[ADDED] Some new ambient sounds
[ADDED] Squad Leader Voting Menu and system
[ADDED] Artillery killstreak sounds
[ADDED] Various new weapon sounds
[ADDED] Spawning menu. Spawn on squad leader, last flag captured, or a random flag
[ADDED] New AK-47 skin - AKM
[ADDED] New MP5 skin - MP7A1
[ADDED] New G3SG1 skin - Dragonuv
[ADDED] New M3 skin, M870
[ADDED] Zulu squad
[ADDED] Serverinfo.txt is automatically updated with the server name and map name
[ADDED] <name> | (leader/member) <hp> is now in the squad list menu
[ADDED] The first squad member is the leader by default
[ADDED] Squad friendly fire option, on by default, console command
[ADDED] It is possible to not be in any squad
[ADDED] Various Messages
[ADDED] New Conquest Mode
[ADDED] SMOD_LOG.txt in the sys folder for debugging and such
[ADDED] A "settings.txt" file in the lua folder for changing SMOD2D options
[ADDED] smod.friendlyfire = Squad Friendly Fire
[ADDED] smod.ClearLogAtStart = Clear SMOD_LOG.txt on every game start
[ADDED] smod.allowLog = Create SMOD_LOG.txt?
[ADDED] = Amount of tickets each team has in conquest mode
[ADDED] Added a SMOD scripting language, .sms is the extension - Info and Help in SMOD2D Forums
[ADDED] SMOD2D now uses an installer
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PostSubject: Re: SMOD:2D PUBLIC BETA 1.4   Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:04 pm

let's have a toast for the accomplishments we have done over the past few days...err... months.

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